Sunny Day Pet Sitting 24/7


24/7 Pet sitting services!

β€’Dogs β€’Cats β€’Any kind of pet you may have!

Located in Long Beach, Long Island, NY

Need a pet sitter?! Dog walker? Cat sitter? Someone to just check in? Someone to feed your pets while at work? Traveling? Date night? Whatever the reason may be, we offer all kinds of services except for grooming and sleeping over other peoples homes. Check out our services below!

  • Pet sitting services 24/7 😍🐾β™₯οΈβ˜€οΈ
  • $20 for one walk, $35 for two
  • Taxi services offered (We pick up & drop off your fur baby; for pure convenience! Price depends on your location, inquire within)
  • We charge $35 per day and $50 if we are watching at night up to 11pm. Overnight is $80
  • Overnight boarding requires you to pick up by 9am the following day. If you want to pick up your fur baby past 9am, inquire within for rate. If late, there will be a charge for this per hour.
  • Just need someone to check in on your dog? Your cat? Spend some quality time with them? Contact me directly for your FREE personalized quote, letting me know the town you live in, the type of pet you own, how many pets you need me to watch and how many visits you need that same day as well as what exactly you need me to do.
  • If you refer us and your referral books with us, we’ll give you $10 off for one pet sitting in the future.
  • Have questions? Can’t find something you need? Contact me directly for a free personalized quote!

Who would be watching your pet? Me, hi I’m Sunny! I’ve been a pet owner for over 30 years now…I’ve owned several dogs and cats along with guinea pigs, hamsters, fish and even ferrets.

I also own a company called Sunny Day Camper Rentals, Inc. This is how I was inspired to start a pet sitting business. I’ve offered the pet sitting service since 2021 as an additional add on item to my customers bookings and its done well enough to turn it into an additional business.

During the day I will watch your fur baby as if they are my own. I will keep up with your daily regimens such as feeding, bathroom breaks, playing, dog walks, giving tons of attention and love, and anything else in between! ❀️

Please check out my website to learn more about me and what it is I can do for you!

*We only accept Venmo payments. You must pay for the service you book, when picking up your pet or at time service is fulfilled.*


*You must provide your pets food and let me know about any allergies, medical conditions as well as any problematic behavioral issues.

*Our $35 price includes our services up until 7pm. After 7pm this is considered a nightly service costing $50.

*Cash and check are only accepted if paid 2 days in advance before your scheduled pet sitting. Paying the day of service is not accepted.


Have a question? Call or text Sunny!
(516) 304-0030

or send her an email at:

ALL prices are told upfront.