We welcome you to Sunny Day Camper Rentals, where we don’t consider you a business transaction, we treat you like family! We want to be apart of your camper memories and we hope you allow us in, for a lifetime! Welcome to a new way of experiencing a camper rental! My name is Sunny and I hope you become apart of the SDC fam!

From pop ups to travel trailers to something in between; hybrid travel trailers…we believe we can help you find what you need! And if not with us then maybe we can help lead you in the right direction!

A majority of our campers can sleep 5-6 people but 5 comfortably. Our largest camper is roughly 29 feet long and our smallest camper is roughly 16 feet long. Depending on what your needs are, we’re sure we can find the right fit for you! We have 7 campers altogether, and 4 of those campers have bathrooms and all of our campers have a kitchen with a dinette.

Fall camping is my personal favorite season to go camping…so with that being said, all of our campers have heat except “The Explorer – The Taos.” For all of my traditional Summer time campers, 4 of our campers offer air conditioning. Please read each camper description to see which one is better for you!

We have generators as an additional rental item so you can access the A/C, all outlets, coffee maker and microwave…and for those of you who just want a slightly better upgrade from a tent, we have you guys covered as well! Our pop ups are $111 per night.

Delivery prices are upfront! You can find these prices under the tab “CAMPERS TO RENT,” as well as each campers nightly rental fee and images for you to look over!

If you don’t see the location you plan on going to, please call, text or email me and I’ll send you a free quote.

I also offer many different rental items for you guys to add on to your trip to make it that much better and easier for you guys so you don’t have to pack more than is needed!

We make home deliveries too! Whatever you need a camper for!

I’ve been in business since 2018 and a majority of my customers are repeats and that’s because I genuinely look out for my customers and care about everyone.

If there’s ever an issue during a booking or you have questions, everyone knows they can always call or text me (Sunny). It’s like renting from a friend…except maybe we haven’t met yet!


Are you social?! We are! Make sure to add us on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook! Links are at the top of this page!

Wether your new to camping or to renting a camper, it can be overwhelming since there’s a lot that’s involved with a camper…and the thing is, your on vacation, your supposed to be enjoying yourself! I want my customers to genuinely feel relaxed! So I try to make this as easy as possible.

We do not have a storefront, all bookings are made online via text or email. Although we do not have appointments to view the campers at this time, we have detailed descriptions, images and videos you can check out, so feel free to take a private virtual tour right from your home!

And of course, if you have any questions…please call or text me! I’m here to help!

Delivery and pick up times will be discussed two weeks before your booking, however pick up time is 9am and delivery time can range from 3pm – 4pm, traffic permitting!

Campers to rent

“RA” (The Jayco), $155 per night

“THE WANDERER” (The Clipper), $155 per night

“THE STAR” $155 per night

“THE FREE SPIRIT” (The Antigua), $155 per night

THE ADVENTURER (The Flagstaff), $111 per night

THE DREAM CATCHER (The Sea Pine), $111 per night

THE EXPLORER (The Taos), $111 per night

Want to sell your camper? Send us a message!

About the owner

Hi guys! I’m Sunny the Owner of Sunny Day Camper Rentals…and here are a few of my favorite things I’d like to share with you, so you know whose camper your renting! And from the bottom of my heart, I wanted to say thank you for renting with us!