Additional Rental Services

Drop off, setup and pick up service: Wether it’s just a preference or out of pure convenience we can drop off our camper to your destination, set it up and pick it up. Just let us know the specific location and we will let you know the price. You can also choose one of these options if you want (Example: Just pick up service) and we’ll send you the price.*Only for bookings outside of Long Island.

**If you are requesting for pick up service; we will require you to have your belongings out of the camper one hour before the campgrounds checkout time. The camper needs to be off the site by the campgrounds checkout time. In order for us to do this, it takes time for us to break down the camper. We need to abide by and respect all campgrounds check out time.**

Generator: Rent our generator which comes with 5 gallons of gasoline for 6-7 night rentals for $120 total. If more fuel is needed, renter is held responsible. Anything less than 6-7 nightrentals costs $20 per night to rent our generator and comes with 2 gallons of gasoline. If more fuel is needed, renter is held responsible.

Pick up service: $30 (One time fee) If you live within one hour of Farmingdale, NY, 11735 we will pick up any items of yours that you may want in the camper waiting for you! This may help you with packing up your car the night before!

Canopy: $30 (One time fee) Rent our canopy

**Keep in mind, our campers do not come with awnings**

Screen House: $25 (One time fee) Rent our screen house

Kayaks: Rent 2 one seater kayaks for $75 (One time fee) or rent one for $37.50

Stand up paddle board: Rent 2 stand up paddle boards for $85 (One time fee) or rent one for $42.50

Bicycle: $25 (Per bicycle, one time fee) Rent our Classic Cruiser Bike or our Mountain Bike.

Pet Sitting: $25 per pet (Per day)…for those that can’t take their fur baby camping, we got you! We also offer this service 24/7 ($10 additional), no matter the season.

Outdoor Kitchen Sink with Counter: $25 (One time fee) Sink features a faucet that has a hose hook up for water access.

Fire Pit: $30 (One time fee) Comes with bundle of wood, lighter fluid, matches along with the portable 22-inch fire pit.

Tent: $10 (Per night fee) Rent our Coleman 8-Person Popup Tent

Outdoor Rug: $10 (One time fee) Rent our outdoor rug

Outdoor Table (Only): $20 (One time fee) Rent our 6′ folding banquet table, it can sit up to 6 people. This table can also be used to hold your outdoor belongings. Chairs are not provided.

Cooler: $10.00 (One time fee, per cooler) Rent our 36 qt cooler

Towing Services: (One time fee) If you need us to tow YOUR camper out for you. Don’t worry, it’s not awkward that your not renting from us lol. Price depends on pick up and drop off location and if you also want us to set it up as well.Call us and let us know, because we can tow!

Electric Brake Controller: $25 (One time fee) Rent our Bluetooth electric brake controller for when you want to tow our camper but don’t have the brake controller installed in your vehicle! *Only for bookings outside of Long Island.

Vehicle Bike Rack: $20 (One time fee) Rent our bike rack which holds up to 3 bikes, we’ll install it for you at no additional charge.

Monthly Rentals: (Monthly fee TBD) Rent a camper of your choice (Based on availability) at a low rate beginning November 1st-April 30th only. Price depends on camper requested, location we are delivering it to and picking it up from and possible services requested. All prices are told upfront.

*We do not offer and/or book campsites nor do we offer a location for the camper to stay at. We are only offering our camper for you to rent only.*

Special Events: Camper rental for any special occasion such as kid sleepovers in your backyard or maybe a birthday party (Yes, we decorate!)…or maybe you have extended family staying for the weekend and there’s no room in the house (wink, wink) or maybe you want to glamp it up this year at the family reunion or better yet, start a family reunion! Whatever your situation is, give us a call for a quote! (Rate depends on delivery and pick up location, amount of nights and services that may be requested)

Winterizing your Camper: (One time fee) Want us to winterize your camper? Maybe your not sure how or you just don’t want to deal with it. Whatever your reason may be – we will gladly do it! Price depends on the size of your camper and where you’re located.

Vehicle Setup Service: If your vehicle is not tow ready, we can help guide you on how to get it tow ready FREE of charge. Just let us know in advance!

Portable Hammock Stand: (One time fee) $20

Additional Services:

BBQ Menu: $75 (One time fee)

One portable grill, one propane tank, all bbq cooking supplies and one 36 qt cooler.

S’mores Menu: $50 (One time fee)

Marshmallows, chocolate bars, graham crackers, marshmallow sticks, bundle of wood, portable fire pit, matches and lighter fluid. Feeds 4-6.

Beach Package: $25 (One time fee)

Two beach lounge chairs, one beach umbrella, one back pack cooler, one beach table and two beach towels.

Kids Package: $25 (One time fee)

Street chalk, color books with crayons, bubbles, play football and sand castle odds and ends.

*Can’t find something your looking for? Tell us! We’ll make it happen!


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