“RA” (The Jayco)

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This almost like new travel trailer “Ra” wants you to…find your true, authentic self!

This travel trailer is perfect for a family, a couples getaway or even a local Fall weekend trip with your friends, family or significant other!

Ra sleeps up to 5 people but 4 comfortably and is equipped with one queen size bed, bunk beds and a convertible dinette table that can turn into a twin size bed if needed.

This camper offers a kitchen sink, a small fridge with a small freezer, a dinette table which can turn into a twin size bed if needed, along with a queen size bed, bunk beds, a stovetop to cook, a TV, radio, lights and water, access to outlets, a microwave, a coffee maker, air conditioning/heat and a bathroom which has a shower and toilet.

This camper is fully functional with a battery and a propane tank with the exception of the following; microwave, coffee maker, air conditioner, TV and access to all outlets. For full use, you would need a generator or a campsite with electrical hook up. We do offer generators to rent! However, we do not provide Wi-Fi or cable for the TV.

Each camper comes with mandatory delivery service which includes; drop off, setup and pick up. Disposal of bathroom waste is included, if camper has a bathroom. Delivery fee depends on location of delivery. Contact us for your free quote today!

We offer many other additional rental items to make your trip that much more convenient! Be sure to check out all your options under the “Additional Rental Services” tab!

Get a virtual tour of Ra to see if he’s the right camper for you! Check out our YouTube channel and find videos on our page for Ra!

To make your trip the best yet, please let us know how many people your camping with so we can guide you on which camper may be better suited for you!

We do not allow anyone to tow our campers.

We do not book campsites nor do we offer a location for the camper to stay. We are offering our camper for you to rent after you’ve made your campsite reservation directly with the park.

We offer many other additional rental items to make your trip that much more convenient! Be sure to check out all your options under the “Additional Rental Services” tab!

Additional info for this camper:

ALL campers have lights, water and come with: plastic utensils; forks, spoons, knives, 1 pan, 1 pot, 1 strainer, 1 spatula, BBQ tongs and 1 big spoon, 1 bbq lighter, 1 wine opener, paper plates, paper cups, garbage bags, dish soap, sponge, paper towel, napkins, two foldable camping chairs, cleaning supplies/1 broom, one-100 foot long hose, 1 portable water tank, hand soap and RV toilet paper if your camper has a bathroom (you can ONLY use RV toilet paper).

If your camper has a TV (double check your camper rental description) and you want to use this feature, make sure to bring a streaming device such as a fire stick. Keep in mind I do not provide Wi-Fi or cable.

If you are renting our generator, or have access to electric you will be able to use our microwave, coffee maker, air conditioner and have access to all outlets.

If you are undeceive about adding on an additional rental item, make sure to give us at least a 72 hour notice of adding on an item – otherwise we cannot guarantee we have it in stock, such as a generator.

*What we supply you with in this camper is not intended to last you for the remainder of your trip, so please plan accordingly. We are hoping these additional supplies which are for free – help make your booking go more smoothly!

Please be sure to bring your own: bed sheets, blankets, pillows, towels and personal bathroom items.

Regarding what size bed sheets to bring for the mattresses, please be sure to bring the size the mattress is for your camper rental. This can be found in the camper description above. Camper mattresses are slightly smaller than regular mattresses, but your sheets will still fit!
All of our campers have 2 batteries, several solar panels and a full tank of propane.

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