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Long Beach, NY, 11561

*There is no store front, everything is done via the web.



We are CLOSED:

Monday & Tuesday

*For customers who need assistance with anything at all; we encourage you to contact us 24/7 while you stay in one of our campers!
*We will respond to all texts, voicemails and social media messages that are sent during our “closed” hours of operation during open hours of operation. We thank you in advance for your patience!
*If you do call, please be sure to always leave us a voicemail AND text (if possible!) due to us always being on the road!



We are CLOSED:

Saturday & Sunday

*We will respond to all texts, voicemails and social media messages that are sent during our “closed” hours of operation during open hours of operation. We thank you in advance for your patience!
*If you do call, please be sure to always leave us a voicemail AND text (if possible!) due to us always being on the road!

Looking for an independent job?

We are always looking for drivers with tow ready vehicles! Although camper experience is preferred we are willing to train if you’re open to learning! You must be available May-October, Friday – Monday.

To inquire within, email; your resume, 3 work references and your availability to

*Must have a clean, valid drivers license.

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Quotes for all LONG ISLAND CAMPGROUNDS are provided for FREE and can be found ON TOP OF THIS PAGE. What’s included in the price? Your FREE QUOTE includes the following:

  • Bookings made for: June – Labor Day weekend
  • Delivery location: ANYWHERE on Long Island, this includes house deliveries! (Nassau and Suffolk County, NY)
  • Delivery, setup and pick up service! (And disposal of waste if camper has a bathroom)
  • Camper nightly rental fee
  • A more personal feel! A more personal service! You can call/text Sunny 24/7 with any questions you may have during your stay!
  • WEEKLY RENTALS: we require a minimum of 7 nights from; June – Labor Day weekend (For all other months, please inquire within.)

If you need a camper for less than 7 nights in the summer – you can still rent our campers for less than one week! We would rather you have a camper than not have a camper! However, our rate remains the same due to our business being seasonal and in high demand in the summer. We thank you for your understanding!

Our camper and everything inside the camper, our delivery, setup and pick up service, our personal service that goes along with our business; we provide old school customer service, despite the fact that we text, we also call and keep open communication throughout your booking and before your booking. You’re also paying for the labor that’s involved with this type of unique trade that not everyone has.

Our campers have numerous upgrades which includes newer technology that most newer campers don’t have!

When you rent from us, you don’t just get a camper for your booking, you also gain valuable knowledge on how our campers operate based off our training videos alone!

It takes time and a team to deliver a camper to your destination and both are costly. Your quote includes gas, towing and labor.

I guarantee that either myself or staff will answer your possible call or text within 24 hours. It gives you peace of mind to have peace of mind.

To put it bluntly, it’s a house on wheels being transported to you and then we take the time to set it up for you and explain how it works. We share our home with you, making it yours for the week! This allows your vacation, to be that much better!

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to owning a camper rental business.

Due to the time, gas, labor, maintenance and work that’s involved; this is a specific trade which requires special skills and it makes us unique and more than qualified to ask for a bump in pay.

If you don’t see your campground below or for further travel destinations such as the five boroughs, upstate NY, Westchester County, Connecticut, New Jersey, etc – our price depends on your exact location, tolls, time and gas.

If you need a camper rental delivery quote for anytime between September-May, a two night rental minimum is required during these months.

Contact us directly for your FREE personalized quote! Something else not mentioned above? Call or text Sunny!

  1. Find a campground you want to go to first (Google Long Island campgrounds)
  2. Book the campground first via their website
    ***We cannot do this part for you***
  3. Then book with us directly by sending us a screenshot of your reservation first and we will let you know what camper is available to rent AFTER you have your campground reservation. ***For any bookings made between June – Labor Day, your FREE QUOTE is above. June – Labor Day is our peak season, we charge for 7 nights regardless if you need a camper for 7 nights or less. If you need the camper for MORE than 7 nights, inquire within***

We will put the contract together for you to sign once you submit a screenshot of your campground reservation.

You will have up to 48 hours to send back the contract signed along with a picture of your license and a 25% deposit in order to officially reserve that camper.
**It is the customers responsibility to send back all 3 in order to book the camper. We do not hold the camper for you without all 3 things sent back.**

We follow up 2 weeks before your booking with you for the remaining balance and the $250 damage security deposit. We also send you a training video; “HOW YOUR CAMPER WORKS.” This is mandatory for you to watch, this way, you are camper ready!

Just show up…it’s that simple!
In the mean time…call, text or email Sunny with any random questions you may think of before or during your trip!

Make sure to read each camper description (above) to find out!

Contact us 3 days before you want to go camping to see if we have campers available (if any). As long as we have campers AND drivers available, we will work something out – with a 3 night minimum rate regardless if booking is less than 3 nights.

Looking to “meet up” with friends and/or family to plan a social gathering or event?
We got just what you need at a price you can afford in order to make your special event, something to remember!

We offer:
Group packages for:

  • Extracurricular group activities
  • Family reunions
  • Company parties
  • Healing retreats
  • Spiritual retreats

Tell us what you have in mind!
Inquire within for rates. We need to know exact dates and your delivery location for an accurate free quote.

On-site job packages for:

  • Studio use (Film and TV productions)
  • Prop use (Film and TV productions)
  • Portable storage unit for all on-site jobs (Union friendly!)
  • On-site portable office for all on-site jobs (Union friendly!)

Tell us what you have in mind!

Inquire within for rates. We need to know exact dates and your delivery location for an accurate free quote.

Our campers can be used as storage for clothes, props, for a photo shoot as a prop, portable make up studio, portable office, a place for your employees to sleep in between shifts for those big jobs that require your workers to work overtime and possibly on call!

Whatever your needs may be, we are worth considering!

We work with long term and short term rentals. Think outside the box for your budget needs! We make everything EASY, CONVENIENT and AFFORDABLE…did we mention that we come to you?

Check out the rest of our website to get a better feel! Check out our Instagram to catch our vibe! And check out our YouTube for a virtual tour straight from your phone!

We travel all over, from Long Island to the five boroughs and upstate NY.

House deliveries:
We offer HOUSE deliveries for whatever your reason may be! House renovations? Family or friends visiting? Holiday guests? But “no room” ? We got you covered!

On site short term housing (Fire, Storm Damage, Remodeling or New Construction).

Work deliveries:
We work with long term rentals and short term rentals for union jobs, vendors, studio related inquiries and on-site jobs of all kinds.

Sporting events:
Weekend trips, Night fishing, NASCAR, Hunting, Golfing, etc.

Free quotes are above, just choose the camper you want! Pop up? Travel trailer? Pick up and delivery times may be different than normal, inquire within.

With camping you get to reconnect with nature, escape the grind, and spend quality time with family and friends!

It is a pastime enjoyed by all types of people from the classic tent camper, to those not quite willing to give up all the comforts of home.

Recreational opportunities at the campgrounds and you’re set for a rewarding experience!

Meet nature halfway! Go CAMPING with a CAMPER! Rent one of our campers! Live outdoors temporarily while reconnecting with nature while escaping the everyday grind and spending quality time with family and friends. Wether you’re an ocean or a woodsy type of camper, (we don’t discriminate here) let camping become one of your new memories or allow Sunny Day Camper Rentals to become apart of your annual camping memories!

We believe in treating people the way we would like to be treated; with integrity, respect and full transparency. You will never be in the dark when renting with us! We will show you all there is to know! We will be your camper guide before and during your stay. That’s our camper promise to you!

For my new camper rentees or for my people who are slightly unfamiliar with the camping world, you may be asking yourself “what’s a pop up camper, what’s a travel trailer?” And an amazing answer I once heard was, “it’s like a drivable RV without the engine.”

We want you to create camping memories that last a lifetime…with us!

We offer everything you could possibly need for your outdoor adventure. We offer full-service delivery, set up and pickup at your favorite campground or event!