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    Will you be bringing any animals with you in our camper?

    *You need to book your campsite first before booking with us!*

    In order to reserve one of our campers, it is a requirement that you fulfill and understand the following:

    You must submit your official booking reservation (a screenshot) FIRST, that you made with the park that was provided to you from the campground (if this is a camping reservation).

    1. Sign and date all pages of our contract that we send you. You need to send this back to us at the same time with the following:
    2. A picture of your license while at the same time sending the:
    3. 25% deposit paid via Venmo. (All payments are accepted via Venmo only)
    4. The remaining balance and a $250 damage security deposit is due two weeks before your booking. We will be reaching out to you for this and we will go over your reservation with you again at this point in detail. The $250 damage security deposit is returned within 48 hours via Venmo as long as the camper is returned in the same condition it was given to you in.
    5. You must watch the training video we send you regarding how your camper works. This is a personalized tutorial for the specific camper you are renting on our YouTube page. We will send this private link to you before your booking. You are fully responsible for understanding how the camper operates before your reservation date. Although we will attempt to go over this in person with you during your scheduled delivery, if we miss you for whatever reason, we are here to answer all of your questions. We do however, expect you to watch the training video before your rental dates, in order to rent our campers so you are camper ready! It’s mandatory.
    6. It is not mandatory for us to wait for your arrival. If we miss you for whatever reason, you have your step by step video tutorial explaining how your camper works to review and rewatch. Each camper has a manual and we are available 24/7 via phone and text. Please find an area that has service. However, if the campground makes it mandatory that you be there upon arrival of your camper rental, then you must be there at our agreed upon time. No exceptions.
    7. It is not a requirement that you wait for us to pick up your camper. You can leave before we arrive for pick up.
    8. We do NOT allow our camper to be left unattended. If you end up leaving the campground earlier than expected, we will NOT charge you for letting us know the camper is unattended – we will however, pick up the camper asap, as we do not allow anyone to leave the camper unattended.
    9. On the flip side, if *you* are demanding we pick up the camper anytime before the original, agreed upon pick up date and time, we will automatically keep the damage security deposit.
    10. We clean the camper BEFORE delivery and once again DURING the time of your delivery/setup.
    11. We take pictures and videos for social media purposes once finished with setting the camper up. Heads up, we will ask you if you would like to be in one of the pictures! You do not have to say yes, but we hope you do!
    12. At time of pick up, we clean on site.

    *Cancellations made for whatever reason, LESS than 30 days before your booking, do NOT get refunded.

    *Cancellations made for whatever reason, 30 days BEFORE your booking, we will send you back 20% of the 25% deposit you originally made. We will keep 5% as a cancellation fee. No exceptions.

    *If you need to get in touch with us for whatever reason during your stay in one of our campers, you are responsible for finding a location with service.